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HIV Still an Issue

One of the major concerns for the people in the UK is how medical and healthcare is being monitored and what steps are being taken by the political parties to implement strategies and law governing them.

Present day scenario:

People across the UK have major concerns on multiple issues however the case of HIV being on the rise is a serious issue. HIV is not exactly rampant in UK but there are clear "at risk" groups where infctions are on the rise. Agreed, it is not an epidemic but is the government going to wait till then? There are many signs and red flags that must be dealt with immediately. It is acceptable that while HIV is on the rise, there are various precautionary measures in place too. The National Health Service is offering free HIV testing for people and is also working with experts from the medical and health industry to better understand the gravity of the issue in order to better deal with it. In fact, further information is also being offered online. This is a great choice for men and women who prefer some privacy and like being discrete about their health status.

HIV testing:

In connection to the HIV tests conducted, they are of two different types. One is Antibody testing and the other is Antigen testing. Antibody testing is more affordable and is a common way most people choose to have themselves HIV tested. In the case of Antigen testing, the results can be discovered quite soon after infection (as soon as 10 days).   Read More...

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HIV Still An Issue

HIV Still An Issue


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