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HIV Still an Issue

One of the major concerns for the people in the UK is how medical and healthcare is being monitored and what steps are being taken by the political parties to implement strategies and law governing them.

Present day scenario:

People across the UK have major concerns on multiple issues however the case of HIV being on the rise is a serious issue. HIV is not exactly rampant in UK but there are clear "at risk" groups where infctions are on the rise. Agreed, it is not an epidemic but is the government going to wait till then? There are many signs and red flags that must be dealt with immediately. It is acceptable that while HIV is on the rise, there are various precautionary measures in place too. The National Health Service is offering free HIV testing for people and is also working with experts from the medical and health industry to better understand the gravity of the issue in order to better deal with it. In fact, further information is also being offered online. This is a great choice for men and women who prefer some privacy and like being discrete about their health status.

HIV testing:

In connection to the HIV tests conducted, they are of two different types. One is Antibody testing and the other is Antigen testing. Antibody testing is more affordable and is a common way most people choose to have themselves HIV tested. In the case of Antigen testing, the results can be discovered quite soon after infection (as soon as 10 days).  

The National Health Service in the UK is clearly doing its job pretty well. Besides the discrete and free of charge HIV testing, the National Health Service is also offering people with consultations and referring them to HIV clinics that deal with such cases as their speciality. For further information, it is highly recommended to approach the National Health Service and speak to their staff today. Alternatively, people can also log onto the website of the National Health Service to know more details.

Given the nature of handling HIV tests by the National Health Service, it is no surprise that most people would take it up however there may be some people who appreciate some privacy for themselves. For such people, private HIV testing is a good option. Of course, the cost of HIV testing privately is going to be slightly on the high side but it comes with the discretion and confidentiality that you would expect from any healthcare provider but without sitting in a GUM clinic waiting your turn.

Social Responsibility:

On the grounds of being human and citizens of the same country, it is directly or indirectly a part of our responsibility to educate people on the subject of HIV, help them with treatments or testing and do our little bit in whatever way we can do make lives of others affected that much better.

Charity is a great way to help others who are suffering from being HIV positive. The Terrence Higgins Trust is a leading and highly trustworthy HIV and sexual health charity in the UK. The Terrence Higgins Trust works extremely hard to raise funds. They also hold education and awareness campaigns build support systems and provide clinical treatments for those affected with HIV. If anyone wants to be a part of this great leadership charitable organization then volunteering for this noble cause would be very worthwhile. For more information, log onto further information.

Another such legendary charitable organization is our very own, National Aids Trust. From official records, it is concluded that well over 6200 new people were diagnosed of HIV in the UK in the year 2012 alone. This is no joke or a small number. This is a grave situation and the work being done by the National Aids Trust is commendable. The National Aids Trust has induced a new kind of thinking and approach towards finding best practices to reduce the growth of HIV affected people. The National Aids Trust also works for the justice for all those affected by HIV and ensures they receive their rights. More information can be found on free sexual health testing.

The Online Solution:

Almost everyone today is hooked onto the internet. There have been registered cases where people affected by the HIV do not get themselves tested because of no privacy. However, there are avenues to have HIV tests done over the internet. The STI Clinic, for example, is a fantastic way to test for HIV online. One needs to buy the package online. The STI Clinic will send the kit with instructions on how to collect a small sample of blood. Everything is confidential and quick. More information about the service provided and cost can be found at The STI Clinic.

HIV is not a matter of shame but a matter of serious concern. We as fellow citizens must work with organizations, groups and communities that are focused in reducing this serious threat so that our children grow up in a healthy and educated world.

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HIV Still An Issue

HIV Still An Issue


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